Hello, I am Carolanne, A Spiritual Life Coach/Counsellor, Energy Therapist and Celebrant.

I am also a Mother, Wife, Animal Lover, Student and Teacher.  Please, don’t ask which of the roles I enjoy best, I couldn’t possibly choose. I love them all, they all offer me something different, yet at the base of them all is compassion for self and others.

I am all about exploring unconditional love – my aim is to one day achieve this in fullness, in its entirety.

I have spent my life studying, both formally and informally, learning is a great passion of mine. And now in my 50’s this learning continues as I embark on the next stage of my learning as an Interfaith Minister with the OneSpirit Foundation.

Having had many life experiences and lessons, I have found the most difficult to also be the most rewarding.  Through some of the most difficult and sometimes traumatic experiences I learned true compassion, and this has led me to offer the services I now do.

Working with people towards empowerment, to work through difficulties, to dig deep to find their inner power, to overcome difficulties and barriers and to be the most authentic version of themselves is an honour and a privilege that both humbles and delights me.

I have had various ‘jobs’ in Hospitality, Retail and Social Work and each has given me skills that are transferable and useful in the work I now do.

I am not cut to work for an employer,  I don’t follow rules that I don’t agree with, so I guess it was only fitting that I should work for myself.  I have been successfully self-employed for many years, and over the years, as I have evolved, the services I offer have too, and suddenly I find myself exactly where I should be.

All I offer, I have tried and tested myself, I work with the Angels and with Spirit,  I work intuitively and I work with the Law of Attraction, I work for you, for the people who come to me – and I am fortunate to be able to choose the work I do and the way that I do it.

This way, I can be completely heart centred and work with you in a way that is best for you – I work intuitively, but always for the greater good.

I work with integrity, and am inclusive, with the view we are all equal and deserving of compassion, support and love.

My Mission is to empower you to be the best version of you that you can be, let your Authentic self, shine through and find and follow your dreams.

Let’s plant new seeds and watch them grow – through nourishment, nurturing and love.



In my role as a Celebrant, I write and deliver bespoke Ceremonies for all of Life's celebrations


Professional Celebrant




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