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A journey to your Authentic Self

Spiritual Counselling is a form of counselling that takes a spiritual perspective on life. It is a powerful, innovative and holistic therapeutic approach combining many approaches and tools. While there is no one tool that will resolve all your problems, some are more effective than others. Different problems and different people need different approaches.
With a knowing that all answers lay creatively within, we just need support from learn how to access them through a deeper connection with our infinitely wise and loving Higher Self.
I incorporate a multi-disciplined, multi-dimensional approach, working intuitively and for the greater good. Your journey of recovery and self discovery starts here. You are at the heart of every session, and ultimately the outcome is always your choice.


Realising Dreams - All is Possible

Through years of experience, I have developed a process for coaching individuals and groups through life changes, this can be health related, career, family, personal, relationships or just generally feeling stuck. I use various tools, including the Law of Attraction and Manifesting, Soul Coaching, and Energy Clearing.  The aim of these sessions is to remove blocks, align you with your authentic self, choose action steps and springboard you forward.  These are action based sessions, whereby you will be asked to undertake tasks and fully engage in the process.


Guided By Angels

This is one of the most popular services. This session is led by the Angels,  during an appointment you will receive a healing, a meditation, guidance from the angels and an oracle card reading, the Angels will guide as to how the session goes - this is a 2 hour session
A treatment plan will be  discussed with you during the initial consultation.   You will also be encouraged to be guided by your own inner knowing in connection with number and timing of treatments.
You are always involved in decisions about your treatments. 


Relaxing Energy Healing

Angelic Reiki is a unique healing directly from the Angels and other beings of 100% light.
It is a safe and completely natural system which address physical, emotional and psychological imbalances across many dimensions.
The Treatments are suitable for any one of any age it  treats the cause of any condition at its root, it  transmutes trauma, heals past life issues and aids fulfilment of your soul purpose.
A huge benefit of Angelic Reiki is that it supports change – creates balance going right to the core of issues, changing how we see/feel experience things on many levels.


Creating a Harmonious Space & a Loving Flow

Elemental Space Clearing® is a unique space clearing method that utilizes the incredible potency and spiritual energy of Mudras in combination with essential oils, resins, flowers, gemstones, the power of the elements and the use of your intention.' This system was created by Denise Linn
I offer a full energy clearance with before and after advice.
Full Clutter and Energy Clearance with before and after advice.
Elemental Space clearing removes stuck, stagnant or dense energy; it also infuses the space with the energy desired by the client.
We are looking to create a vibrant energy in your home/office/building/space. Therefore, we will visit or ask for photographs to establish what is needed. We will ask that you fill out a questionnaire to allow us as much information to prepare to create the space you want to create.
We look at how we can create a positive flow of energies.
We will look at clearing and aligning vibrations by performing Mudras (body movement and positioning), sounds (clapping, bells, sound bowls), Use of crystals, sprays, essences, flowers, various altars and objects according to the energy.
We will clear negative stagnant energy, create positive energy flows and advise on how you can maintain this.
Immediately after a space clearing you will feel the difference, staff will feel better coming into the space.


When Nothing Else Works

 A new service I have been developing (or rather the angels have) for some months now is ready to be shared – I have practiced it with some already and the results have been amazing so from July I am going to be offering a Service to connect with the Light Council.

What It can help with:

Illness (particularly recurrent)

Relationships (and relationship patterns)

Financial Blocks

Anger and Violence

Or indeed any feelings of being stuck

How does it work?

There is a format and it was set out directly by the Council of Light, and it was them who invited me to connect with this service. It is my belief as far as I am aware this service is not offered in this format by anyone else.

I go into a deep trance and connect in with the Council of Light,  I will then bring forward anyone connected to the difficulties and place them in front of the council of light, who will then offer their counsel on why the situation is there and how (if at all) they will help and also what steps the individual needs to take. The Council also connect on a soul level with anyone involved and give guidance and release any karmic connections to the specific incident. This information is then channelled to me and I pass it on to the individual.

The Format

Because of the nature of this and the energy and level of trance involved This will not be carried out in one to one sessions, rather there will be one day each month set aside for this service and I will take all cases to the Council in that day.  If you wish to be present for your sitting then you can join me – however I will not make direct contact with you – and I cannot give assurance you will hear anything other than your case being put to the council.

The main work done will be done on a soul and spirit level – I may have some notes to share with you – which you will receive within 7 days.

The affects are often felt immediately – I have had some wonderful results with this service – people who haven’t spoken for years and have bitterness and resentment between them, days after taking it to the Light council, the other party has been in contact wanting to make amends.  Situations present themselves to enable people to move on, one lady struggling with a new business venture and about to give up – less than 2 weeks after taking it to the Light Council she was presented with an opportunity that meant her business took a huge leap.  Another man who for years had lived in fear a week after taking it to the Light council was presented with an opportunity to try something new, through that it led him to meet someone who led him to something else and he was able to see a string of events unfold that allowed him to let go of that fear.  Another lady who had been in a difficult relationship and was having difficulty letting it go took it to the Light Council and was given little bits of information which allowed a small unfolding – it wasn’t completely clear to her, but then a situation happened several weeks later that allowed her to finally let go.

The Light council sever ties on a soul level, this creates a ripple effect that leads to positive results.

If you feel you may be interested in this service – Currently offered the last Thursday of the month please get in touch.



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